Copyright of Art in Australia

The artwork created by Pauline Dewar, and other Australian Artists is protected by Australian Copyright Law and the International Copyright Treaty, of which I have given a brief outline below.

Once a work has been created, the copyright automatically belongs to the creator. It remains with the creator (and subsequently their estate) until 70 years after their death, unless the copyright has been explicitly transferred in writing.

The owner of an original artwork (or any derivative print or product) does not gain copyright of the work with the ownership of the physical product. If you own an original work, you still may not sell any prints or products bearing its image whether full or in part without written permission of the copyright owner,  you may of course sell the original work itself if you would like to.

If a work is commissioned or created as part of paid employment, the copyright is held by the artworks commissioner, or employer, although the Moral Rights will always remain with the creator.  Moral Rights deal with the right to be credited as the creator, and for your work to be treated such that it would not harm the artist’s reputation.

No images published on this website or our social media pages may be used in any manner not constituting fair use, without official written permission from Pauline Dewar.  They may not be copied, downloaded, altered or reproduced in any form without written consent.

If you would like to work with Pauline or ask about licensing art please contact us, we would love to hear from you!

To find out more about art copyright law and the moral rights of artists in Australia, the ArtsLaw website is a valuable resource for artists and art buyers.