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Exciting times – 6 pieces, 2 exhibitions

Once again it is nearly time for the Linden Postcard Show! It’s a really colourful and happy exhibition held in St Kilda each year. We can’t wait to see our 3 textile pieces in amongst the other wonderful works at Linden New Art.

We also have 3 entries on their way to Gippsland for the EGAG WRAP 2022 Small Artwork Prize, which attracts 300 Australian artists every year. It begins on the second of December and goes right through to the 14th of January. It promises to be a really interesting exhibition.

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Hobson’s Bay Art Show.

floral painting by Pauline Dewar PJDbotanicalart

Great news, the painting “As Far As The Eye Can See” will be exhibited at the

Hobson’s Bay Art Show,

31 Sargood St., Altona.

The gala opening night is Thursday 6th October, and the show runs to Sunday 9th October.

It is sure to be a beautiful exhibition.

The show will also be running virtually at gallery247 from Friday the 5th of October to Saturday 15th of October.

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Entries to the Bendigo Art Show 2021

Pauline has had three works accepted into the Bendigo Art Show 2021;

‘Fly By Night’ – a watercolour painting which features the beauty and diversity of Australian moths,

‘Vanishing’ – an exploration of insect diversity, and threatened extinction,


‘The Known World’ – a whimsical look at Australian fauna and flora.

The Bendigo Easter Art show will run from April 1st -5th at the Bendigo Town Hall, Hargreaves Street.
Visit for more information.

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Linden Post Card Show

The Linden Postcard Show is an exhibition of works which must be 8 x 10 inches in size, it is held at the Linden New Art Gallery, 26 Acland St., St Kilda. This year, with the restrictions in place, the arrangements are still being finalised, but it is anticipated that the opening will be held on 24th October.

We have 3 works to be exhibited, a pen and ink drawing of Melbourne in Lockdown, called Lockdown 2020. Also, a textile work called Summer Bouquet and a coloured ink work called Coral Atoll.

It promises to be a lovely and interesting exhibition.

The good news is that despite Coronavirus restrictions the show will go on!