What is a “giclee” print?

A giclee print, also called a fine art print, is the closest duplication of an artwork that is physically possible.

The word “giclee” is a French term, which, when translated, means “to squirt out”, referring to the way an inkjet printer works, squirting or spraying the ink when printing the artwork.

The terms “archival” and “museum grade” print are synonymous.

Giclee prints are produced using a high end printer on very good quality paper.

Giclee prints are a lot more durable than traditional art prints, and are designed to last at least 75 years. The quality is such that it is very difficult to distinguish the print from the original.

In order for them to maintain their value they are produced in limited numbers, we produce only 20 per picture and then the file is discarded, and their authenticity is ensured by the artist signing each one. They are to be enjoyed now but are an investment for the future.